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Bradenton tourism up for 3rd year

Bradenton, Florida -- Tucked between St. Petersburg and Sarasota in the Bradenton area is a quiet riverfront community that is awakening as a vacation destination with 2.8 million visitors last year and growing.

Tourism officials say the area's newfound popularity is part of a three-year trend with more than a $900 million economic impact.

Massachusetts residents Nancy and Dave Carmen visit Bradenton every spring.

"It's on the river and you have excellent museums," says Nancy.

Report: Cops broke into city hall to use bathroom

BRADENTON, Florida (AP) - Two Bradenton police detectives are accused of breaking into city hall to use the bathroom and leaving the building unsecured for an entire weekend.

Bill to keep open 2 Bay area trauma centers fails

Bradenton, Florida - Since Blake Medical Trauma Center opened nearly three years ago, it's treated more than 2,600 patients who did not have to make the trip into Tampa or St. Petersburg

Mike Whiddon says that extra time saved on the ground and in the air is priceless. "It means [a difference of] life-and-death," he says.

Bradenton man arrested for 79-year-old woman's death

Bradenton, Florida -- A Bradenton man has been arrested and charged with murder and burglary in the death of 79-year-old Helen Vanorden.

Vanorden's body was found by her son, Charles, at her apartment on 46th Avenue Terrace West.

Detectives say Richard Matthews Jr. knew of the victim through one of her family members. They say burglary appears to be the motive for the killing.

Matthews has also been charged with grand theft auto for allegedly stealing Vanorden's car.

Manatee School District not moving forward with park surplus

Manatee County, Florida -- Superintendent Rick Mills announced today that the School District of Manatee County will not pursue the surplus and sale of McKelvey Park at this time.

Manatee County put red light camera profits over safety

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida - New findings by 10 Investigates add fuel to the speculation that Manatee County installed red light cameras for the wrong reasons and their strictest-in-the-region policy on "rolling rights" is giving the county a bad reputation.

Manatee parents fight to save neighborhood park

Bradenton, Florida -- Tucked in between offices and stores on Manatee Avenue is McKelvey Park. It's in jeopardy of being bought out and built up if the Manatee County School District decides to sell it for $1.8 million.

Parent Becky Lyerla says, "We have enough businesses -- two banks, a Walgreens, a shopping center. That's enough. Kids need something. Give them something."

The park sits next to Miller Elementary School.