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Missing Bradenton woman needs medications

Missing Bradenton woman needs medications

BRADENTON, Fla. (AP) -- Authorities are looking for a missing 84-year-old Bradenton woman who needs her medications.

Police say Naomi Sanders left her adult living facility on Friday with a 56-year-old male acquaintance from Virginia, Richard "Tony" Krajnyak, who was last seen driving a dark blue four-door sedan. Sanders hasn't been seen since. The pair may be headed to the Blacksburg, Va. area.

Sanders is a white woman with blue eyes, gray hair, and is 4 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs between 90-100 pounds. She was last seen wearing her glasses, a white jacket, and black pants.

Anyone with information about Sanders is asked to call the Bradenton Police Department at 941-932-9300 or a local law enforcement agency.

Groups need more toy donations

Bradenton, Florida - Volunteer elves at the Manatee Salvation Army may soon need to visit "Hermey" the elf dentist from the Rudolph Christmas special. It seems teeth are handier than scissors when it comes to cutting packing tape there.

The volunteers have been busy gathering gifts and filling bag after bag for needy children. The good feeling keeps Nancy Haendel coming back year after year. "Your heart pitter-patters a little bit," she says while picking out gifts for a 6-year-old girl.

If a community's generosity could be measured in bags, the basketball court at the Salvation Army would be it. The floor is covered in large bags for individual families, holding some 10,000 gifts. But the Salvation Army needs just a little bit more.

Baby critical after crashing through ceiling

Baby critical after crashing through ceiling

Bradenton, Florida - Emergency crews have flown a Bradenton baby to the hospital after the infant fell through an attic floor.

Manatee County Sheriff's deputies are on the scene at 906 66th Avenue West.

Investigators say the 14-year-old babysitter took7-month-old girl and a 4-year-old child into the attic and stepped onto an unsupported section of the floor, which gave way. The teenage girl and the baby crashed to the first floor.

The teen was not seriously injured, but the infant has a severe head injury.

Manatee County Fire Rescue responded and the infant was flown to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg.

Sheriff's deputies say the teen was hiding in the attic after a neighbor accused her of stealing a laptop computer and said the police had been called. 

Authorities are investigating the babysitter as a possible runaway.

Man arrested for groping woman in courthouse elevator

Man arrested for groping woman in courthouse elevator

Bradenton, Florida -- Deputies inside the Manatee Judicial Complex arrested a Bradenton man Tuesday, accused of assaulting a woman in the court elevator then, minutes later, masturbating in front of another woman. 

Tony Gustin, 41, is charged with battery and disorderly conduct after a 19-year-old woman complained to deputies Gustin grabbed her left breast while in the elevator. 

A second woman was waiting for her boyfriend when she says Gustin called her over while he had his hands down his pants. 

One of the women told investigators Gustin said "Thank you" and "Have a nice day" after inappropriately touching her.

Bradenton boy returns home

Bradenton boy returns home

Bradenton, Florida - Eliyas Rene Negron, 11,  returned home this morning.  He had been missing since Friday, when he did not arrive at his Bradenton home after school.

Manatee County Sheriff's Deputies said his mother, Nathasha Velez, stated that she could not answer Nergron's calls after school, possibly to ask if he could spend the night at a friend's house, as he did in the past when he did not come home. She was not sure if he did go to a friend's house and did not know who his friends were or where they lived.

Investigators say the child show up at his home today, details were not immediately available, but the boy is fine and there was no crime involved.

Gov.-elect short on specifics on how to create jobs

Bradenton, Florida -- Governor-elect Rick Scott continued his  jobs tour of the state Thursday with a stop in Bradenton at the Tropicana Plant.

Although Scott says creating jobs is his number one priority, he was short on specifics on how he will do that. Scott also didn't have any specific  ideas on how he will deal with a $3 billion budget shortfall when he takes over in January.

The governor-elect has said the state must be more efficient and run like a business., and he is sure by examining every state agency, he will be able to find waste and cut the budget.

However at this point, he has no idea where that waste is. Scott also said besides jobs, education is a major priority and the state has to do a better job of educating students.

Gov.-Elect Scott in Bay area pushing for 7 changes to create jobs

St. Petersburg, Florida -- Governor-Elect Rick Scott is making two stops in the Tampa Bay area today. He'll be pushing for more school vouchers and other changes in an effort to bring jobs to Florida.

Rick Scott is set to be sworn in as Florida's governor next month. He's spending his time before that big day on a ten-city tour to talk about jobs.

Thursday morning, he'll be in Bradenton and then St. Petersburg.

The Republican governor-elect spoke to a crowd at a business that overhauls airplanes in Jacksonville on Wednesday.

At 8:45 Thursday morning, he'll visit the massive packaging facility for Tropicana in Bradenton.

Scott's staff says he'll be meeting with leaders in two key sectors of Florida's economy: agriculture and distribution.