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Battle in Bradenton: 90 days to fix 'flag house' violations | News

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Battle in Bradenton: 90 days to fix 'flag house' violations

Bradenton, Florida -- The battle is heating up in Bradenton pitting homeowners against the city.

The Greer family painted a giant American flag on their home, at 3102 Riverview Boulevard in Bradenton, after being cited for a number of code violations. The Greers missed the June 16 deadline to fix the problems and faced the Code Enforcement Board on Tuesday. The City granted the family a 90-day extension to come into compliance.

Flag house not up to code, deadline missed

It's been an emotional battle. Mother Catherine Greer fought back tears speaking to the board.

"I'm glad my house was in disarray. I'm glad my windows were broken, because that means I have kids in my house. I couldn't have kids for 20 years. I couldn't have my own kids. Now, I have seven," says Catherine Greer.

The Greers are a foster family and adopted their seven kids. Greer admits to the city that her home isn't perfect. She claims she and her husband, Brent, are busy with the kids.

"We're not here to talk about the flag or anyone's civil rights," said Code Enforcement Officer Mark Reynolds who put emotions aside as he listed the violations discovered outside the home.

The Greer's landed on the City's radar after an anonymous complaint about a Christmas tree still perched on the porch in February.

"Exterior walls contained bare wood, dirt, mold, mildew; boards falling off; front balcony in disrepair; porch roof in disrepair; rotted wood decking; rotted and loose railings; exterior walls contained chipped and peeling paint; trash and debris in the rear of the property; substandard electrical system," listed Reynolds.

The Guardian Angels, a foster care organization, has been hustling to help the Greers make the city's deadline, but there's still more work to be done. The family now has 90 days to come into compliance.

Guardian Angels help Bradenton family address citations

"We're going to get them resolved will get them fixed," said Floyd Price from the Guardian Angels.

The responsibility of repairs appears to fall on the Guardian Angels. Brent Greer tells 10 News that he couldn't care less what the City says and is ready to face the possible $100 a day fines.

"If the Guardian Angels were not here, it would not get done, and then they'd have another fight on their hands when they started fining me," Greer said.



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