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'Smart' rifle has jet fighter lock & launch technology | News

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'Smart' rifle has jet fighter lock & launch technology

Myakka City, Florida -- Law enforcement may have a new weapon in its arsenal -- a new computer software that creates a smart automatic rifle. It's so accurate the rifle manufacturer, Tracking Point, says a dozen law enforcement agencies nationwide are considering it and the Army has bought six systems to test.

It's a familiar scene, one that played out in Manatee County just last month. Deputies chased a suspect, there's a spray of gunfire, and a McDonald's and a pickup truck were hit. It was a shootout that could have ended with one accurate shot using Tracking Point's precision guided firearm.

"We've taken jet fighter launch and lock technology based on Abrams tank," says Anson Gordon with Tracking Point.

Gordon says there's no other rifle like it in the world.

"It's got laser range founder image recognition. This will tag targets 1,200 yards away," he says.

Gordon says the software allows this smart rifle to automatically calculate all of the variables that go into taking a shot, even a moving shot at 10 mph that is 500 yards, or five football fields away.

"But as far as elevation, incline, cant, Barometric pressure, temperature, Coriolis effect which is the curvature of the Earth at 1,000 yards it's actually moving," explains Gordon.

An app streams what the scope sees, recording video and audio. The rifle costs between $10,000 and $27,000 which is too expensive for some law enforcement agencies. The company says it is trying to work with law enforcement agencies on the price, but with a rifle so powerful what if it gets in the wrong hands?

"The scope is password-protected like a smart phone, says Gordon.

Gordon says shooting is simple: just tag the target, squeeze the trigger and when the scope lines up with where you tagged the target it automatically fires the bullet.

"This allows an everyday shooter that kind of accuracy and it makes for a much shorter learning curve."


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