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Ex Manatee Sheriff's Deputy fugitive for 23 years caught

Manatee, Florida -- A former Manatee County sheriff's deputy is jailed in Alaska after being on the run since 1991 when he fled the area amid charges of sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl in the 1970s.

Joseph Keenan May was a deputy from 1988 to 1990, and three years later he appeared on the sheriff's Most Wanted list. Life as a fugitive for 23 years came to an end Friday morning in Anchorage, Alaska.

Bradenton fixes red light camera sign after 10 Investigates discovery

BRADENTON, Florida - After 10 Investigates pointed out improper signage at a busy red light camera intersection, the city is fixing the problem to come into compliance with state law.

Attempted murder suspect released by accident

Bradenton, Florida — A 16-year-old charged with attempted murder was mistakenly released Friday from the Manatee County Justice Center. He was re-arrested Wednesday, but the public was never warned about about his release.

"It was a mistake, a serious mistake," said Lori Tolksdorf, director of the courts for the Manatee County Clerk.

One week ago today, a courtroom clerk at the Justice Center set free the teenager by accident.

Bradenton considers new parking meters, you'd pay more too. The meters would text you when running low.

Bradenton, Florida -- City officials are considering new high-tech parking meters that promise to make paying to park easier and even help drivers from getting a parking ticket.

Instead of driving around downtown looking for a space, the garage may be a good option if motorists are willing to pay to park. Michael Lang is willing to pay he's downtown regularly. "The car is undercover it's relatively secure and safe that's fine that's all I need."

Trial of 3 ex-Manatee High administrators wraps up with mixed verdict.

Bradenton, Florida -- Two co-defendants, Matthew Kane and Gregg Faller, both former assistant principals at Manatee High School, faced the same charges but received different verdicts in a child abuse case.

"With regard to Mr. Kane, I say no more I find him not guilty," said Circuit Court Judge Peter Dubensky.

"I feel vindicated a bit I got my name back somewhat," Kane said.

Battle in Bradenton: 90 days to fix 'flag house' violations

Bradenton, Florida -- The battle is heating up in Bradenton pitting homeowners against the city.

The Greer family painted a giant American flag on their home, at 3102 Riverview Boulevard in Bradenton, after being cited for a number of code violations. The Greers missed the June 16 deadline to fix the problems and faced the Code Enforcement Board on Tuesday. The City granted the family a 90-day extension to come into compliance.

Trial begins for 3 former school officials linked to Frazier scandal

Bradenton, Florida -- The trial for three former school district officials linked to the Rod Frazier scandal at Manatee High School is under way Monday.