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Bradenton woman steals 10-year-old girl's dog

BRADENTON, Florida -- A 57-year-old woman has been arrested for stealing a 10-year-old girl's dog.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, the victim's pit bull got away from her at around 4:10 p.m. Monday. The girl chased the dog to Pride Park in Bradenton, where deputies say she grabbed the dog by the collar and began walking it home. The dog had no leash at the time.

That's when deputies say Catherine Warren drove up to the girl and began yelling at her that the dog was obviously abused and needed to be taken away from her.

Sculpture made from 440lbs of butter

Palmetto, Florida - Visit the Manatee County Fair and your eyes will not deceive you; Jim Victor is sculpting a manatee out of butter.

The food sculptor says he's used 440-pounds of butter making his work of art. Victor says he started making sculptures out of food in the 1980's and has used everything from cheese and chocolate to bread and pasta.

Click here to see a gallery of his past food sculptures.

The Manatee County Fair hired Victor after seeing his work at another event.

Police: Woman lied about CPS imposter

Police: Woman lied about CPS imposter

Bradenton, FL -- A woman reporting a man posing as a Child Protective Services Investigator has admitted to police she lied.

According to the Bradenton Police Department, on Jan. 16, the woman called police saying the man, who identified himself as a CPS employee, had come to her home in the 2600 block of 7th Ave. W. to check on the welfare of the child at the home. When she questioned him, she said he got spooked and drove off.

Wild pig carcasses wash up in Bradenton

Bradenton, Florida -- For weeks, residents in a Manatee County neighborhood have had to deal with the bodies of wild pigs that mysteriously appeared in a nearby creek. Two men have now reportedly confessed to dumping the hogs.

Video: Squirrel prankster pulls school fire alarm

Bradenton, Florida -- Call him the "Vandal Squirrel."

Almost a year after his stunt caused the evacuation of a school, his name is once again brought up at a Manatee Couny School Board meeting.

Surveillance video captured the Vandal Squirrel's stunt at Blackburn Elementary in Ellenton. The rodent climbed up a wall, and set off the fire alarm in the process.

The school was evacuated and officials had to investigate who pulled the alarm.

Plumber finds $20,000 inside customer's home

Plumber finds $20,000 inside customer's home

MANATEE COUNTY -- A plumber for the last 50 years, there isn't much Jerry Laliberte hasn't seen.

"Never found anything of value.  Lot of tools, sometimes dead animals," he explained.

But what he recently discovered inside the home of a customer on Holmes Beach, had plenty of value. Laliberte found $20,000 in cash while going through an air duct to fix a second floor leak.

"My hands were shaking, believe me," he described, "kind of scary to have that much money in your hands."

Reciprocating saw used in tool shop robbery

Bradenton, Florida - A tool trader was robbed of a large amount of cash Sunday by a man who held a reciprocating saw to the clerk's face, the sheriff's office said.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon at the Red Barn Flea Market, 1707 1st Street East.

The sheriff's office said Robert Hodgins, 67, was closing up shop for the day when a man identified as Andrew Clenney entered the store holding a reciprocating saw. Hodgins assumed he was there to sell the saw.