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Cops: Man beat up for his beer

Bradenton, Florida -- A man enjoying his 4th of July drinking a beer is now in the hospital after he was jumped for his beer.

The Manatee Sheriff's Office says Gregory Brann was walking in the 2800 block of 14th St. W. when a man grabbed a beer out of his hand causing him to fall to the ground on his face knocking him out.

The man then drank the beer and began punching Brann and kicking him in the head several times. The suspect then dragged Brann into the bushes and fled.

Brann, 53, was taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition.

Man's naked rage leads to him being tased

Palmetto, Florida - A naked man was tasered by police, after going on what can be described as yet another "zombie" attack.

Manatee County Sheriff's deputies say Charles Baker was under the influence of an unknown drug when he went to his girlfriend's house in Palmetto to visit his kids.

When the door to the home opened, Baker allegedly barged in and started screaming and removing his clothes.

Best/Worst Pet Paparazzi pic yet! (Warning: It may offend)

Best/Worst Pet Paparazzi pic yet! (Warning: It may offend)

"Bruno thinks he's a man...a man with no manners but still a man", says his owner Tony Jimenez of Lutz.

Tony submitted this Pet Paparazzi pic to our 10 News Morning Show crew and it was the talk of the newsroom Monday afternoon.

While maybe not in the best taste, this should undoubtedly brighten everyone's day for a brief moment...and who doesn't deserve a good laugh?!

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Parents leave child in car to go to strip club

Palmetto, Florida -- A couple was arrested Sunday after police found their child alone in their car outside a strip club.

The sheriff's office says the couple, Edith Aguilar-Cardona and Israel Rangel-Ortiz went to Pandora's Box strip club around 1:15 a.m. and left their child in their car.

A witness called police and told responding deputies Rangel-Ortiz was inside ordering drinks, tipping entertainers and buying a private dance. Aguilar-Cardona was also inside and told deputies she also went in but they were planning on coming back.

Crewman killed by 5,000-pound basket of bananas

Crewman killed by 5,000-pound basket of bananas

Bradenton, Florida -- An crewman at Port Manatee was killed Monday after a 5,500-pound basket of bananas fell on top of him.

According to the sheriff's office, around 9 o'clock this morning, the man, identified as 48-year-old Robert Dixon, of Tampa, was part of a crew unloading the bananas from a ship and was walking across the loading area during the accident.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputies: Woman offered sex for cheeseburgers

Deputies: Woman offered sex for cheeseburgers

Bradenton, Florida -- A Manatee County woman is facing charges after she allegedly solicited an undercover deputy for sex... in return for some McDonald's.

The Smoking Gun reports Christine Baker, 45, met with the undercover on Friday evening.  According to Baker's arrest report, she offered to have sex with the detective if he "bought her two double cheeseburgers off the dollar menu at McDonald's."

Man attacks mom for using his salsa

Bradenton, Florida -- A Manatee County man and his girlfriend are accused of assaulting the man's mother because of a dispute over taco sauce.

According to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun, 23-year-old Christopher Phillips got into a fight with his mother Rebecca Monday night, when Rebecca used Phillips' salsa and taco sauce on her dinner.