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Easier, cheaper way to reclaim lost pets | Pets

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Easier, cheaper way to reclaim lost pets
Easier, cheaper way to reclaim lost pets

Bradenton, Florida – Pet owners whose lost pets are impounded at Manatee County Animal Services facilities now have a simpler way of reclaiming their pets.

Under a new fee schedule approved last week, owners of sterilized pets will now pay $100 for cats or $115 for dogs the first time their pet is impounded.

Owners of non-sterilized pets will now have two options the first time they reclaim an impounded pet. They may pay $180 for non-sterilized cats or $195 for non-sterilized dogs. A second option allows owners to adopt their impounded pet with complete rabies vaccination and immunization, sterilization and microchip with registration and required license tag for $130 for dogs or $70 for cats.

“Owners who choose to have their impounded pets spayed or neutered will really be saving a lot of money,” said Animal Services Chief Kris Weiskopf. “It’s all part of our effort to continue to reduce the euthanasia rate and to become a ‘no-kill community.’ The whole goal is that anyone that has a non-sterilized dog or cat will take advantage of the fact that for a reduced fee, they’re getting a whole lot more and they’re helping us address pet overpopulation.”

If a non-sterilized pet is impounded a second time the owner will be required to adopt the animal for the non-sterilized adoption fee, bringing the total cost to rescue an impounded pet twice to $325 for dogs or $250 for cats.

Manatee Board of County Commission last week phased out a complex daily rate structure in favor of the new simplified fees.  

For more information on Manatee County Animal Services fees and for a complete adoption fee schedule, visit www.mymanatee.org/pets or call (941) 742-5933.


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