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Guardian Angels help Bradenton family address citations | News

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Guardian Angels help Bradenton family address citations

Bradenton, Florida -- The case started last month when the Greer family of nine children in a 100-year-old house got building code citations and were told to make repairs. So, they started with a patriotic paint job that got them some more help.

"I want to salute every time I go by," said Guardian Angel President Bobbie Price.

The house, in the 3000 block of Riverview Boulevard in Bradenton, now is a symbol of America with the new paint job. And neighbors say the house is symbolic of the family.

"With the giving heart that America has, always the nation to step our and help other nations, any time there is a disaster we are the first ones there. This is an extension of that," Price said.

Before Memorial Day, the Greer family was told the home needed to look better, with the city citing mold, mildew, electric concerns, rotting wood. And if the repairs were not made, the family faced fines of $250 per day.

"Our county has gotten too far away from the Constitution and being helpful neighbors - just the way this whole thing started," said Brent Greer about his encounter with the city.


Greer says this is America and the house should look anyway he wants it to, talking about the American flag paint scheme. "I never expected anything out of this it was a quiet protest."

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The problem for the family of seven adopted and two foster children in a 100-year-old home is rules are rules. And what the city wants done is costly. But the Guardian Angels, which builds homes for foster families, live down the road and they started repairs this week.

"When something like this happens you say, 'Come on these people are doing everything they can to help the children, get off their backs.' On the other hand, the city has responsibilities. We can work it out in an agreeable manner," said neighbor and Guardian Angel board member Floyd Price.

"It started off wrong but ended great and that's the important thing," Greer said.

Now there is a hand-painted sign reading "Thank you for the support."

The city is expected to return to the house on Monday, but the volunteers say the house should be in good shape.


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