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Plumber finds $20,000 inside customer's home | News

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Plumber finds $20,000 inside customer's home
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Plumber finds $20,000 inside customer's home

MANATEE COUNTY -- A plumber for the last 50 years, there isn't much Jerry Laliberte hasn't seen.

"Never found anything of value.  Lot of tools, sometimes dead animals," he explained.

But what he recently discovered inside the home of a customer on Holmes Beach, had plenty of value. Laliberte found $20,000 in cash while going through an air duct to fix a second floor leak.

"My hands were shaking, believe me," he described, "kind of scary to have that much money in your hands."

Trudy Moon is the owner of Air & Energy, the company Laliberte works for. Moon says the home where it happened was inherited from a family member who kept money in various places.

"They understood that there was some money hidden in the house, and knew of some areas... but this was not one of them," Moon said.

The house is used as a seasonal rental, so it turns out there were countless opportunities for someone else to stumble upon the stash. Police have asked that the home not be identified so it doesn't become a target for thieves.

Despite the obvious temptation, Laliberte tells 10 News he didn't hesitate to turn the money in. Moon says she's hopeful Laliberte gets some kind of reward from the homeowner, but he says it's not necessary.

"I'm walking away with my integrity," he said.

That, he says, is worth a lot more than the cash.

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