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Family hit with code violations paints American flag on house | News

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Family hit with code violations paints American flag on house

Bradenton, Florida -- The Greer family was handed a citation mentioning mold, mildew and the need for paint on the outside of their home. So the family picked up cans of paint and brushes, and went to work painting an American flag across the front of the entire home.

"We decided to paint it because the City hit me with an ordinance that it wasn't up to someone else's cosmetic standards," said Brent Greer.

"That's fine, it's a good start to paint the house," City Code Enforcement manager Volker Reiss said.

The Greers say a Christmas tree on the porch up top started all of this. That's why code enforcement showed up here in the first place.

"I threw it down and said, 'there you go.' And he said, 'Well, no, there will be a little more than that,' " said Kathryn Greer.

Brent Greer said it was hard to get information after that.

"I asked the guy, 'point to me what is the problem?' He said, 'I don't have my list.' "

So 10 News asked code enforcement.


"We had a safety concern about electrical. It seemed the wires weren't up to code. The balcony had rotten wood, some concerns, but the home is livable."

However, this family of seven adopted kids and two foster kids says it is safe.

"I'm not interfering with anyone. This is my God given, reinforced, constitutional right to live this way. When you threaten me with $250 a day fines in a free county that angers me," said Greer.

Neighbors we spoke with said they love it and one stranger stopped by to shake the homeowners hand while 10 News was there. The family admits not everyone supports their statement but says, "that's okay, it is America."

"That flag is to remind them it can look anyway I want it to look," said Greer.

And the family says the work is not done here yet. The family says -- and if you look at the original drawing -- they plan to put the Liberty Bell up top, and the Statue of Liberty on the chimney.

Code enforcement plans to go back out to the property the day before the hearing which is the 17th. They'll see whether or not the family has moved on from painting and address other concerns.


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