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Manatee School District not moving forward with park surplus | News

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Manatee School District not moving forward with park surplus

Manatee County, Florida -- Superintendent Rick Mills announced today that the School District of Manatee County will not pursue the surplus and sale of McKelvey Park at this time.

McKelvey Park is a three-acre parcel of land adjacent to Miller Elementary School in Bradenton. Many parents fought to keep the park for the kids instead having the school district sell it for $1.8 million to help with financial trouble. Apparently, at this time, the school district agrees:

"I will not pursue selling any portion of McKelvey Park at this time," Superintendent Mills said. "I cannot say that the need to revisit the issue will not surface at some time in the future; that will depend on the future financial needs of the school district. The School Board and the Superintendent are responsible for representing what is ultimately in the best interest of all of our students and all of our schools. It is still my hope that the county, or the City of Bradenton, might purchase the property so it can be retained as a park in perpetuity and provide revenue to assist the school district. All of us have a stake in delivering a top-quality education to the children of Manatee County, because that is something that will benefit our entire community.

"As I expressed Tuesday evening, I am a firm believer in our democracy and in the right for citizens to participate in the process of governing. So I thank all of the students, parents, school staff members and concerned citizens who took the time to let their voices be heard on this matter."

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