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Manatee Boys & Girls Club CEO on leave after controversial memo | News

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Manatee Boys & Girls Club CEO on leave after controversial memo

Manatee County, Florida – After just six months on the job, the CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Manatee County is facing controversy over his comments made in a memo to staff regarding future hires.

"What I'm not interested in, is potential candidates coming in with lots of tattoos, face piercings (and) dreadlocks on guys," Marc Dosogne wrote in an email obtained by 10 News.

"I would never want to send something out that offends people," he said in an interview with 10 News.

Dosonge says his memo was simply aimed at hiring applicants who are positive role models to kids at all area Boys at Girls Club locations.

"Kids don't always understand how they should dress, how they should present themselves, what employers are looking for and that to me would limit opportunities for kids."

Commissioner Charles Smith, a member of the Manatee County NAACP and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Manatee, calls the memo prejudice to a future hire's past mistakes.

"The email was so discriminatory and sexist to the point that we had no understanding of what his intentions were," he said.

Smith said he met with the Dosonge to discuss the memo, but remains adamant that he needs to be removed from his position.

"We cannot give him the benefit of the doubt of that email because the fact that he's worked in recreation almost 40 years so we can't change him. He deserves a second chance elsewhere but not here."

On Friday afternoon, a member of the Manatee County Boys and Girls Club board said that internal review is underway and that Dosonge was placed on leave for two weeks.

"The board is going to review all its options in moving forward," said board member Bob Spencer.

A timetable for the review has not yet been released.

Screenshots of the two-page memo, sent to 10 News:



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