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Sheena Morris' family reacts to FDLE report | News

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Sheena Morris' family reacts to FDLE report

Tampa, Florida - Nearly five years ago, Sheena Morris, only 22, was found dead inside a beach hotel room. She was hanging in a shower stall with a dog leash around her neck.

The Bradenton Beach Police quickly ruled it a suicide, but Sheena's mother, Kelly Osborn, was not convinced and she remains so today.

"I believe she was murdered and there's still a murderer out there," said Osborn at a news conference Thursday morning.

Calling the police investigation botched, Osborn launched protests and a social media campaign aimed at gaining a new probe. She even hired her own experts and confronted Sheena's former boyfriend on the Dr. Phil show.

And finally, more than a year ago, a special FDLE panel re-opened Sheena's case. On Wednesday the state released the results of its extensive investigation.  

The FDLE report reaffirms suicide. The final sentence: "the investigation shows no evidence of a homicide."

Initially, Osborn says she was fine with that result; she had received her investigation. But upon reading the report's details, she questions certain sections and she now doubts its validity. "Justice has not been served," she told reporters.

A tattoo on Osborn's foot shows her holding hands with Sheena. This mom's love lives on, but her crusade is now reluctantly over. 

"There's no place else for me to go with this," says Osborn. "I gave it everything I had... everything. And I think it is time for me to walk away now."


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