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Skull found in Bradenton Police evidence room | News

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Skull found in Bradenton Police evidence room

Bradenton, Florida -- Police are trying to determine the origins of a human skull that was found in an unmarked box at the Bradenton Police Department.

The box was discovered in the corner of the homicide evidence room by detectives who were going through old evidence that could help in any cold case investigations.  

Photo Gallery: Pictures of the skull

No police report was found with the remains. According to the Bradenton Herald, the only detail found with the skull was an FBI lab invoice that read "examination of portion of human skull discovered in four inches of water near Bradenton on Sept. 28 1974.

Police do not have records dating back to the 1970s.  Investigators plan to use old newspaper clippings to see if they can find any information on possible missing persons or who the remains possibly belong to.


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