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Bradenton murder: Person of interest's ex tells of past violence | News

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Bradenton murder: Person of interest's ex tells of past violence

Sarasota, Florida- In a follow-up to the murder of a Bradenton woman and single mother of two, Manatee deputies are still focusing on her ex-boyfriend, Andy Collazos, but he's fled the country. 

Thursday, we dug into his past.  

Before murder victim Jazmin Catano, Andy Collazos dated a 29-year-old, Sarasota woman named Yimerfi Holguin. They have a daughter together. 

In an exclusive interview with 10 News, Yimerfi said during their break-up, she feared for her life enough to file for a restraining order not once, but twice.

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"As a father, as a parent of Adriany, we had a good relationship," she said.

She and 30-year-old Andy Collazos met at church, and in 2009, they had their daughter, Adriany. They dated for about four-years. Yimerfi said deep-down, he's a good guy.

Yimerfi's interview continued in Spanish; the following is a translation.

"He's very loving, hardworking, not like drinking, smoking. He likes to study to better himself," explained Yimerfi. "Everyone loves him. He's very giving. If he sees an indigent person, he stops to buy him a meal," she added.

Andy studied to be a firefighter. Yimerfi said he does a good job providing for their daughter, and shares custody two weekends a month. The last weekend they spent together was Father's Day weekend. 

But, according to Yimerfi, Andy has a dark side that lead to their break up. Unlike most men, Yimerfi said, Andy lost control in June 2010 when she tried to move out. 

In a petition for a restraining order filed in Sarasota County, Yimerfi described Andy's "violent" reaction.  

"He threatened to kill me and he attempted to strike me," she wrote, all while holding a gun in his hand. 

It's the same gun she said he threatened her with a two days earlier, "threatened me by putting the gun up to my neck and saying vulgar things in front of the child, he kept me from calling the police."

"I told him not to follow me anymore. He would call, call, call," she said, before adding that he and her "argued a lot."

In late 2011, Yimerfi said Andy met Jazmin Catano- a new girlfriend- but over the next two years, he tried to mend the relationship between the two of them. 

"He wanted me to get back together with him," she said, adding that she tried for the sake of their daughter, but it didn't work.

In 2012 ,she filed for a second restraining order, and said soon after, Andy was dating Jazmin Catano again. 

Andy and Jazmin lived together for about a year in a Bradenton apartment at Champions Walk Apartments before breaking up around a month ago. 

This past weekend Jazmin moved into a new ground floor apartment at Coral Club Apartments, and was found murdered in the bedroom of her new apartment around midnight Sunday night. 

Her ex-husband Jorge Carvalho discovered the crime scene and dialed 911. 

In an exclusive interview with 10 News, Jorge said when Jazmin did not show up to pick up their son- they have two children together- he got worried and went out looking for her.

Manatee Sheriff's Deputies have said Andy fled to Colombia, South America sometime on Sunday. The next day, they named him a person of interest in her homicide, which they believe happened sometime on Saturday.

Yimerfi told us she has this message for Andy-

 "Show your face, tell your version of what happened. If you didn't do anything wrong, there is no reason to hide."

The single mother says his actions have consequences for her family too.  

"We have a daughter together. If he's guilty, my daughter will be affected for her entire life."   

Yimerfi said her daughter Adriany is very attached to her father and asks for him frequently. Yimerfi simply tells her, he's at work.


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