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KB Home sues dozens of subcontractors | News

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KB Home sues dozens of subcontractors

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida - Workers are now repairing some of the town homes at Willowbrook. For nearly a year now, homeowners there have complained about shoddy construction and blamed the builder KB Home.

Like other homeowners, Dan Koehler has had to deal with water intrusion, mold and a dangerous, rotting balcony. 

"I have a balcony that's falling down... haven't been able to go out on that for two years or so," says Koehler, pointing out a ceiling that's collapsing.

Under pressure from homeowners, last fall KB agreed to make repairs and now the giant builder is going after the subcontractors who helped put up Willowbrook. The company has filed a lawsuit naming 41 defendants.

The builder sent this written statement to 10 News regarding the lawsuit:

"KB Home stands behind its product and warranty, and requires that same commitment of those companies and individuals with whom we contract to build our homes. We are continuing to make repairs in the Willowbrook community, and are taking the appropriate steps to seek reimbursement from those subcontractors who have not fulfilled their obligations in the construction of these homes."

However, residents wonder where KB supervision was in the first place. 

"KB has no responsibility over this? There wasn't a project manager that said, 'Hey, we got a problem here,'" questions Koehler. "So they're just going to pass the buck to the subcontractors. Doesn't really make sense to me."

Another resident, Armando Oyola-Delgado, bristles about KB possibly getting money from the subcontractors, when residents may never be able to sell their homes for what they paid for them. 

"Why is it that KB is allowed to get their money and yet the homeowners of Willowbrook are not? We've asked them consistently to buy our homes back," he says.

And with several other communities in the Tampa Bay area experiencing similar construction problems, Willowbrook owners have a hard time believing KB didn't know what was going on time and time again. 

Koehler says, "The buck has to stop with them ultimately, you would think."

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