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Sheena Morris Case: Mother wants governor to step in | News

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Sheena Morris Case: Mother wants governor to step in

  TAMPA, Florida -- Kelli Osborn has dedicated her entire life to one cause, someone very near and dear to her heart: her daughter, Sheena Morris.

Sheena, 22, was a beautiful young woman who was found hanging in a shower stall New Year's Day on Anna Maria Island back in 2009.

Sheena's mother claims it was murder, but the Bradenton Beach Police Department says it was a suicide. It has been a source of controversy since the investigation began.

Osborn claims that Bradenton Beach police didn't handle the case correctly. However, the police chief and detectives say they did they everything they could, and investigated Sheena's death thoroughly.

Osborn told 10 News Wednesday night, "When this all started out, that's all we wanted was a fair investigation. Whatever that might be. That never happened."

Not only has Sheena's mother launched her own investigation, but FDLE got involved back in September when a panel of experts reviewed Sheena's case and did not find fault with the work done by Bradenton Beach police.

However, FDLE did recommend that the case needed further investigation.

Sheena's mother said, "I feel confident in the right hands that the investigation will turn out whatever findings there is. They're the experts, they're probably gonna do a better job than I've done in four years."

Osborn said she doesn't trust Bradenton Beach police and claims the chief leaked a letter to the press containing sensitive information about the case. That letter was published by the Anna Maria Islander newspaper.

Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale says the letter simply informed Sheena's mother of how the investigation was going, and that he never would have released secretive details that might hurt the case.

In fact, the chief told 10 News, "The letter, when it was given, was not stated it was confidential. We felt it was open to records laws. There is not information in the letter that would hinder the investigation in any way."

Sheena's mother says she now wants Governor Rick Scott to get involved and would like for him to remove the Bradenton Beach Police Department from the case. She says as long as the police department is partnering with the FLDE, she does not want to communicate with the agency in any way.

The chief says his door is always open and he is always willing to talk.

Osborn said, "You know, we'll be patient. We'll be patient. We''ll let the experts do their work."

She says her own investigation has taken over her life. She wants justice for her daughter and will not give up on the case.

"My husband and I live apart now because I moved back here to work on the investigation. When I was away, the Bradenton Beach Police Department shut down on me. They didn't respond to letters or information."

Chief Speciale has said in the past that he understands Osborn's grief and has offered his condolences, along with the condolences of his department. He wants to help in any way he can, he told 10 News, and will continue working with the FDLE.


















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