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Homeowners planning 'monster' KB Home protest | News

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Homeowners planning 'monster' KB Home protest

Owners of KB Home-built townhomes in Bradenton are planning what they call a "monster" multi-community protest this coming Saturday to show their unity and resolve in fighting the national homebuidler.

The Willowbrook Townhomes, built between 2007 and 2010, have been plagued by failing balconies, crumbling stucco, and severe mold/water intrusion issues. 

While KB Home has promised to fix the problems and begun work in some places, homeowners say years of "fixes" haven't fixed anything and the problems are so bad their homes will never have value again.

Some homeowners have been pleading with county officials and lawmakers to hold KB Home accountable while others have put their homes on the market, hoping to get out from the collapsing situation.

"KB Home has publicly said they will fix our homes. Yet, almost three months later, little to nothing has been done," said Willowbrook resident, Javier Melendez, in a press release.  "This is why I strongly believe KB Home must do the right thing and buy our homes back. The upcoming protest will show unity in our neighborhood and other communities affected by the same construction issues."

KB Home took issue with Melendez' statement, issuing one to 10 News of its own:

"KB Home is actively making repairs in the Willowbrook community, including interior repairs on individual units and exterior repairs are well underway on the first building in Willowbrook. We have also made substantial progress on repairs in Waterford and are addressing all other individual requests in KB Home communities," spokesperson Cara Kane said.

"We recognize there is a subset of homeowners who have yet to say yes to our efforts to repair their home. We want every KB homeowner to be happy, and hope they will allow us the opportunity to take care of their concerns.  We have team members available to take any warranty requests, and whether it's a routine warranty matter or a larger issue, we are committed to treating our customers fairly and responsibly by doing the right thing."

Armando Oyolo-Delgado, who has had to move his family out of his moldy Willowbrook home, says he has identified more than a dozen other problem communities built by KB Home in the Greater Tampa area.  Protesters expect some homeowners will drive sevaral hours to take part this weekend.

Saturday's protest is scheduled for 10:30am at the Tanglewood Preserve complex in Gibsonton and organizers have included more details here.

If you've been a victim of poor KB Home work, contact 10 News Investigator Noah Pransky at npransky@wtsp.com.

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