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Sheena Morris' mother won't turn over evidence | News

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Sheena Morris' mother won't turn over evidence

Bradenton Beach, Fla. - It was a big bombshell on the Dr. Phil show a little over a week ago: Sheena Morris' former fiance failing a polygraph test.

Morris' death was ruled a suicide by the Bradenton Beach Police Department and her mother has fought to reopen the case. But now she's saying no way to handing over evidence once again.

Kelly Osborn says the fact police officers were forced to come to the aid of her 22-year-old daughter the same night of her death should have been a red flag.

It was New Year's Day in 2009 when Sheena's fiance told police he was the one who found her hanging in a shower in their Bradenton Beach hotel room. Osborn says the police department rushed to judgement, ruling Sheena's death a suicide too quickly.

She says, "Sheena was the farthest thing from suicidal. She adored life."

Adding insult to injury, Osborn says, is the fact that Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale sent her a certified letter that arrived over the weekend asking for Sheena's computer, cell phone, and medical records.

Osborn says, "I responded to the chief by stating that I wasn't going to be providing any of those items to Chief Sam Speciale or any employee of the Bradenton Beach Police Department."

She adds, "Well, they had these items in their possession and they mishandled those items."

Florida's Department of Law Enforcement put together a panel in late September to review the handling of Sheena's case. It gave the chief recommendations to be reinvestigated and the case has been reopened. Three FDLE agents are currently looking into the case and Osborn says she has no problem handing those items over to them.

Osborn says, "But I remain optimistic that they are the best of the best."

Chief Speciale released this statement earlier:

"My heart goes out to Sheena's mother, but this is a suicide case. Plain and simple. We have investigated it thoroughly. I feel confident in our investigation."

Sheena's former fiance, Joe Genoese, has hired an attorney.  


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