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Sheena Morris case re-opened, but not for investigation | News

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Sheena Morris case re-opened, but not for investigation

Bradenton Beach, Florida- It's a small victory tonight for the mother of Sheena Morris. Bradenton Beach Police found her body in beach hotel on New Year's Eve 2009. Police ruled it a suicide, but her mother Kelly Osborne believes it's murder.

The case has been re-opened, not to investigate further, but to tie up some loose ends, according to Bradenton Beach's Police Chief Sam Speciale.

The Chief's meeting with FDLE officials is a small victory for Sheena Morris' mother- she says it's bitter sweet.

Kelly Osborne says, "It certainly gives us peace of mind we've needed for a long time."

Kelly has spent nearly four years disputing the Bradenton Beach Police Department's findings that her daughter, 22-year-old Sheena Morris committed suicide New Year's Eve 2009 in a Bradenton Beach Resort. 

Kelly says Sheena left no signs of suicide behind. "I went through her journals, through her text mails, her computer- there's nothing."

Kelly cried out to whoever would listen; she did her own investigation and hired her own forensics experts who suspect Sheena was murdered.  

Now, her cries are heard. FDLE officials met with Chief Sam Speciale Friday morning with a list of recommendations issued by a smart panel of law enforcement and forensics experts.

Chief Speciale says, "There's some extra things they asked us to do that we didn't do in the initial investigation. We really don't feel there will be a change in the conclusion", which was that Sheena committed suicide.

Speciale says the case is being re-opened for administrative reasons only, allowing his department to use FDLE resources. 

Kelly says this move is significant, "I feel it's a re-investigation."

Speciale's response, "We are not re-investigating this case; we're not going back through this."

Kelly says even a semi-opened case is good news.  

After this long battle seeking the truth behind her daughter's death, what would her Sheena say today? Kelly says holding back tears, "You rock mom I love you and You Rock!"

An FDLE agent has been assigned to help the Bradenton Beach Police Department fulfill the check list given by the Smart Panel. The results will then be sent to the State Attorney's office for review. 

Her mother could not say if this process will end her quest, but she does look forward to the day she can be a full time wife again-never a mother, but a wife.


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