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Sheena Morris case could be reopened | News

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Sheena Morris case could be reopened

Bradenton Beach, Florida - Agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will be in Bradenton Beach on Friday to talk with the police chief about whether or not the agency should reopen the death investigation into 22-year-old Sheena Morris.

Sheena, a beautiful young woman from Tampa, was celebrating New Year's Eve on Anna Maria Island in 2009.   She was found hanging in a shower in her hotel room.

The chief from the Bradenton Beach Police Department says his people have investigated the case thoroughly and ruled that Sheena took her own life. But Sheena's mother says she just doesn't believe it and wants the case looked at by an outside agency.

In fact, Kelly Osborn has conducted her own investigation and even paid for a second autopsy.

Sheena's mother told 10 News, "It's quite obvious that recommendations will be coming down. In order to handle those recommendations, the case has to be reopened. So, the investigation in going to be reopened."

The mother of Sheena Morris is now waiting for answers from FDLE and says it's been a painful journey for her family.  FDLE agents met with a group of top investigators from all over the state last month to review the file on Sheena's case.

"I'm very anxious," Kelly admitted. "I've been waiting a long time to get to this point. I was very excited that the smart panel met."

Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale says he knows how hard this has been on the family and would like to offer any help he can.

"We all know it's a tragedy, it's been a tragedy since the beginning," the chief told 10 News.

The chief also says he feels confident in both his lead detective on the case, Lenard Diaz, and his agency that they did a thorough investigation.

Chief Speciale welcomes any suggestions from FDLE.  In fact, he says, he's just as anxious as everyone else to hear what the recommendations are because so far the report on reopening the case has not been released.

"They're not gonna give us the decision or the recommendations until they're ready, and that's what we're waiting for," says the chief.

He added, "No one can rush this."

The chief also told 10 News that he does not know what is in the FDLE report, and he'll wait until tomorrow to hear from investigators when they meet face to face. 

Chief Speciale will find out whether or not his agency will reopen the case into the death investigation into Sheena Morris.

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