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Willowbrook residents confront commissioners | News

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Willowbrook residents confront commissioners

Manatee County, Florida - For months, 10 News has been showing you problems in the Willowbrook Community. Townhome owners there complain about water intrusion, rotting balconies, and mold. And they blame the builder KB Home for faulty construction.

But some owners also wonder how the county could allow it all to happen and today once again they confronted commissioners.

"Willowbrook has become a black eye to Manatee County and a place of heartache for its residents," condo owner Nicholas Sommer told the commission.

The homeowners point to inspection reports that don't seem right, like one that labels hurricane strapping "not required".

"What is being done to prevent this epic failure from happening again?" questions homeowner Dan Koehler.

In previous reports, 10 News has pressed building director John Barnott for answers, but Barnott indicated he had not looked into the questionable inspection reports; so on Tuesday, two of the commissioners did call for an independent party to look into the Willowbrook Inspection process.

Commissioner Joe McClash said, "The last person that should check off the box and say, 'Yes, we did everything right,' is the person being accused."

But the biggest for issue for homeowners remains.

"How do we go forward and where do we go? What is the local government going to do to help us get out of this mess?" questions condo owner Dan Koehler.

However, when it comes to help, Manatee County Attorney Mickey Palmer advises caution. "By and large, this is a private dispute that this board should not inject itself into," he said.

However, for some commissioners this dispute rises to another level -- a health and safety issue -- and they directed staff to report back with some answers on October 30.

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