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Repairs begin on KB Home neighborhood | News

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Repairs begin on KB Home neighborhood

Bradenton, Florida -- With an official notice warning visitors of dangerous conditions on his front door, Armando Oyola-Delgado has harsh words for his house. 

"I absolutely hate coming home; I hate it," he says of the town home he bought in 2007.

And those feelings are echoed by other people in the Willowbrook community. 

"I hate living here, there's no other words to describe it," says Amanda Dillon, who lives just down the road.

Oyola-Delgado, Dillon, and dozens of other condo owners are dealing with water intrusion, mold, and unsafe balconies. The homeowners blame KB Home for shoddy construction

"Florida needs a lemon law because of builders like KB," says Oyola-Delgado.

So with all the problems, you'd think residents might rejoice at the sight of work trucks on their street Tuesday and scaffolding going up, but you'd be way wrong.

"It's Band-aid, after Band-aid, after Band-aid," says Oyola-Delgado, whose been complaining about construction defects for five years.

The homeowners association, which has a repair agreement with KB, informed the residents by email Monday night that work would be going on, but the board gave out no details about the repair plan and that leaves condo owners with all sorts of questions.

Oyola-Delgado says of the work crews, "I don't know who they are, I don't know the quality of work, I don't know how long they've been in business -- I don't know anything about these guys."

Two years ago, Oyola-Delgado says workers tore apart his balcony and then just left. The work was never finished. So this time around, there is little trust to build on.

"It's way too little, way too late," he says. "I've been there, done that, got the coffee mug and the T-shirt, I don't want them here. I want KB to buy me back, so I can leave."

KB Home has indicated it will not buy back the homes.

10 News tried to reach members of the homeowners association Tuesday and emails were either not returned or members declined to comment.


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