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62-year-old grandmother raped, suspect on the loose | News

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62-year-old grandmother raped, suspect on the loose

Bradenton, Florida - The city of Bradenton enjoys many perks: a beautiful waterfront locale, good commerce, friendly people and low crime.

Police have not seen any major crimes since last fall.  In fact, there was only one murder in all of 2011.

That's why this latest case is getting so much attention from detectives.

A 62-year-old grandmother was raped, beaten and left in her home Tuesday night around 11 p.m.

What he did to this woman was unspeakable.

She has staples in her head after the rapist hit her in the head with the butt of his gun.  She is not talking with family members about the agonizing incident. 

Meanwhile, detectives are pulling out all the stops to find the man described as a young black man in his mid-20s.

The woman could not speak English and could not relay that to the rapist as he demanded money and got angrier when he didn't get it.

10 news was with the police today as they were going to different businesses to talk with people and warn them. They are trying so hard to find this guy.

When the woman answered that fateful night, no one was there. By that time, the man was in her room. He got in through an unlocked window.

Her husband was at work and she could not fight the man off. He demanded money and then raped her. She was terrified to call the police, thinking he was still in the house.

Captain Warren Merriman said, "Well no one would want their family member to go through this crime. Its very violent, dramatic; Not something you'd ever expect to happen."

The woman's granddaughter told 10 News that they are trying to get through this.  The victim went to the doctor today for a check-up.

Detectives say they're not going to give up. This is a top priority for the department.

If you know anything, please call the Bradenton Police Department.

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