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Bradenton Police issuing the alarm | News

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Bradenton Police issuing the alarm

Bradenton, Florida-- This is a composite sketch of a thief and a rapistIt was released by police after a home invasion and robbery that turned violent.  

Cops say it happened here at the residence just before 11 p.m. Tuesday.

"The suspect initially rang the door bell, and then the victim did not open the door, and later the suspect entered through a window," said Captain Warren Merriman.

The suspect found a 62-year-old woman alone inside and demanded cash, once she gave him the money, he unleashed a brutal beating, pistol whipping the woman and then sexually assaulting her before leaving.

When it was over, she staggered outside for help. Blood smeared all over the wall where she waited for an ambulanceNeighbors on edge.

Neighbor Lisa Johnson said, "It tells me they need to step up patrols like a little bit, or something needs to happen to see if they can find the guy who's doing this."

And that's exactly what cops want, to nail the suspect.  

10 News was on scene today when detectives arrived to further investigate, asking questions at the victim's home and speaking with people in the neighborhood.  

Until the suspect is locked up, police ask residents to do one thing, "If someone does come to their door and they don't recognize them, don't open the door , please contact your local law enforcement agency."


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