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UFOs, aliens and flying saucers at South Florida Museum | Events

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UFOs, aliens and flying saucers at South Florida Museum
UFOs, aliens and flying saucers at South Florida Museum

Bradenton, Fl. - Flying saucers, UFOs, aliens and creepy creatures...can all be seen on the big screen at the South Florida Museum. On Friday, April 19, the new Film Fridays series "They Came From Outer Space" kicks off at the Bishop Planetarium Theater.

The series will explore how filmmakers have depicted the threat of little green men for decades.

“Film-goers have enjoyed the excitement and thrills provoked by the threat of unknown space invaders for decades,” said Jessica Schubick, South Florida Museum’s Communications Manager who also curates each Film Fridays series. “From the earliest days of filmmaking – when in 1902 Georges Meliès took us on a ‘A Voyage to the Moon’ complete with insectoid alien inhabitants in the first science fiction film – imaginations have been captured by the question: “What if? These films present numerous, varied scenarios of alien contact – each of them providing us with a different answer to that question.”

Film Fridays screenings begin at 6:00 p.m. at 201 10th Street W in downtown Bradenton. Tickets are $5.00 for general admission and $3.00 for members. Seating is limited, so visit www.southfloridamuseum.org to make your reservation.

Film Fridays is a year-round South Florida Museum program which showcases films and documentaries focused on cultural, social and scientific topics.


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