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Deputies looking for sex offenders

Deputies looking for sex offenders

Manatee County, Florida -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office is currently looking for individuals who are listed as absconded sexual offenders. 

Anyone who knows their whereabouts should contact The Manatee County Sheriff's Office at (941) 747- 3011.

UPDATE: Man hospitalized in drive-by shooting has died

Palmetto, Florida -- A man who was injured two weeks ago in a drive-by shooting has died.  

When officers arrived at a location in the 300 block of 14th Street West just after midnight they found 20 year-old Matthew Arguez suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Arguez was taken to Blake Hospital. Arquez died from his injuries on July 25. 

Patience, experience earn Kristi Kelly "Civilian of the Month"

Patience, experience earn Kristi Kelly "Civilian of the Month"

Bradenton, Florida -- Patience and experience has earned Kristi Kelly the honor of "Civilian of the Month" for the 2nd quarter or 2013.

On June 8, 2013 Kelly received a call at the Bradenton Police Department's Communications Center from a caller in South Carolina who told her a friend had been kidnapped and was being held against her will at an unknown location in Bradenton.

Jogger: Pocketknife saved me from attempted rapists

Bradenton, Florida -- A 23-year-old woman says she used a pocketknife to fight off two men who she says tried to rape her on Wednesday night.

The woman says she was jogging on the gravel track next to Samoset Elementary around 9:30 p.m. when the attack occurred.

"She was able to pull out a pocketknife and defend herself and basically chase them away," Manatee County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Dave Bristow said.

Family home found filled with feces, urine and bed bugs

Bradenton, Florida -- Two parents may face child neglect charges after deputies discovered their home was uninhabitable.

Manatee Sheriff's deputies say they went to the home in the 1700 block of Marilyn Avenue in response to a call around 3:30 Thursday morning. When they got there, they were overwhelmed by the disgusting filth the family was living in.

K-9 finds wanted robber under clothes in his closet

Bradenton, Florida -- Manatee County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a man wanted in the armed robbery of an elderly woman as she left a Bradenton Walmart store Monday morning.

Deputies say around 11:30 a.m., a man, later identified by investigators as 25-year-old Jeffrey Hassen, approached the 79-year-old woman, flashed a knife and stole her purse as she was getting into her car in the 2900 block of 53rd Avenue E.

Pursuit of suspect ends in guns being shot

Pursuit of suspect ends in guns being shot

Bradenton, Florida -- An officer was shot during an on-foot pursuit on Saturday, June 8.

Around 2:15 p.m. Bradenton Police Officers responded to a home on 20th Street East in regard to a kidnapping complaint. 

Once the officers arrived a pursuit ensued and an officer was shot at, as was the suspect. The officer was not injured and is now on administrative leave.