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Napier case: Manatee Co. attorney files motion to intervene

Bradenton, Florida -- A follow-up in the Napier Animal Sanctuary case. Manatee County Commissioners agree to have its attorney file a motion in court to intervene in the case.

Attorney Mickey Palmer says this allows the county to protect its interests. If approved by a judge, the county will be allowed to take part in the court proceedings.

Manatee County deputies removed more than 300 animals from Napier's earlier this month for alleged animal abuse and pool living conditions.

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Power boat racing may be coming to Manatee River

Bradenton, Florida -- Power boat racing may be coming to the Manatee River along downtown Bradenton.

The ISMUSA who puts on the Pittsburgh Three River Regatta will present its plan to Bradenton City Council Wednesday evening, Feb. 26.

Local businesses say the downtown area has spent 10 years planning for an event like this, with new hotels and a riverwalk. The economic impact is expected to attract 75,000 people and $8 million for local businesses.

U.S. Olympic skaters back on the ice in Ellenton

Ellenton, Florida -- U.S. Olympic pair skaters Felicia Zhang and Nate Bartholomay are back home in Ellenton from Sochi and say the experience has helped them grow as competitors.

"In that huge stadium, among the biggest competition in the world, it definitely gave us a lot of confidence. We can do it wherever and whenever and go out and have fun and enjoy it," Zhang says.

Large, invasive lizards take over parts of Tampa Bay

Tampa bay, Florida-- Large, invasive lizards are taking over parts of Hillsborough County. 

They are called Tegus and they are from South America but have made southwest Florida their new home. 

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FWC: Invasive lizards invading Tampa Bay

Lithia, Florida -- Today we'll learn more about big lizards creating a big problem in Hillsborough County. They're invaders from South America and they're spreading.

These huge reptiles are an endangered species' worst enemy: they love to eat birds, small animals, and -- most of all -- eggs.

The state's wildlife experts are going to talk Tuesday at Lithia Springs Park about their plan to stop them from becoming the next invasive species nightmare here in Florida.

Sarasota and Manatee counties to hold pentathlon

SARASOTA, Florida (AP) - Sarasota and Manatee counties will host the world cup finals and qualifiers in the oldest Olympic sport: the modern pentathlon.

The sport comprises fencing, 200-meter freestyle swimming, equestrian show jumping, and a final event that combines shooting with a 3,200-meter cross-country run.

Sarasota will host the world cup final on June 5-8, a world cup in March 2015 and the world cup final and Olympic qualifier June 2016.

Napier sanctuary wants its animals back

Bradenton, Florida -- A follow up to a 10 News investigation regarding the Napier Log Cabin Horse and Animal Sanctuary in East Manatee County, where deputies removed more than 300 animals earlier this month.

In a court hearing on Monday, the Napiers agreed to allow the Manatee Sheriff's Office to spay and neuter the animals that are now in foster homes or being cared for at other animal rescues.