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Vote Southeast High School's John Harder as Best Girl's Basketball Coach

The best girls basketball coach contest is down to 10 finalists. The final round ends March 12th and includes Southeast High School's John Harder. Here are the rest of the finalists and votes they received in the regional round:

Region 1: Mark Nickerson, Medfield (Mass.), 121,130

Region 1: Gina Maher, Irvington (N.Y.), 118,138, wild card

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App blocks person behind student's threatening texts

Bradenton, Florida -- Texting is how teenagers often communicate, but Manatee County Sheriff's officials say one student's texts at Southeast High School crossed the line.

Senior Ashley Hartzell says word spread fast of the threatening texts.

"It was pretty scary. I didn't want that to happen to me," says Ashley.

A student told deputies she received the texts during her 6th period class. According to deputies, the text starts with a simple "Hey." When she didn't recognize the number and asked who it was the sender replied, "it's your baby mama."

Teen causes multiple crashes driving erratically in stolen truck

Bradenton, Florida -- A teenager on a reckless driving spree was caught by deputies after they say he caused over a half dozen accidents on and around the Cortez Bridge Tuesday morning.

Authorities say the boy was driving a stolen F-350 erratically through west Bradenton as Manatee Sheriff's deputies and Bradenton Beach Police tried to stop him. He was eventually caught on the Cortez Bridge.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the crashes.

New bill would arm school employees with guns

Sarasota, Florida - A state lawmaker has re-introduced a bill that would allow certain teachers and school employees to carry guns on campus.

Spurred by shootings that have taken place at schools such as Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, State Rep. Greg Steube said his plan would bridge the gap between the callout and law enforcement response times.

"The individual in Sandy Hook had committed suicide before the police officers even got in the school," said State Rep. Greg Steube.

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County gets timeline on Manatee Dam repairs

Bradenton, Florida -- Engineers say it could take close to two months to fix parts of the Manatee County dam they say have been compromised.

"It was uncomfortable hearing that news," says Nicholas Azzara, outreach manager for Manatee County.

Azzara says after finding out that parts of the 50-year-old dam may have been compromised, he knew there was immediate work to be done.

"A majority of samples is done," says Azzara.

Exclusive: "Myakka Gold" author talks pot-growing days

Bradenton, Florida- "I never thought I'd live to see it legalized and now there's a heck of a momentum," said Donnie Clark.

The 73-year-old wants to keep that moment fueled as Floridians prepare to vote on the legalization of medical marijuana this November. So far, 20 states including DC have legalized the use of medical marijuana.

STORY: FL Supreme Court oks medical marijuana initiative for Nov. ballot

Donnie Clark spoke exclusively with 10 News.

Police ask for public's help finding teen runaway

Palmetto, Florida -- The Palmetto Police Department is asking for the public's help locating a missing 14-year-old girl.

Isabel Mendez was reported missing on Jan. 16 when she failed to return home from Palmetto High School. She has not contacted her family since then, although family and friends have seen her several times over the past few weeks.

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